Kid Cudi, Aaron Paul

Kid Cudi & Aaron Paul To Appear In Upcoming ‘Need for Speed’ Film

Kid Cudi, Aaron Paul

Rapper Kid Cudi and Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul to Star in ‘Need for Speed’

Kid Cudi, who may be known as a rapper, record producer and part-time singer, also has a few acting credits under his belt. He first appeared as himself on an episode of the hit CW show One Tree Hill, where he also performed.

He then appeared in the HBO comedy series “ow to Make It in America, where he was a part of the series’ main cast until its early cancellation in December 2011.

Now the troubled musician is ready to make his way to the big screen. It has been announced that he has joined Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul in DreamWorks’ racing action film, Need for Speed. The film is based ion the Electronic Arts video game of the same name, and will also feature Ramon Rodriguez, Rami Malek and Harrison Gilbertson.

Though we can dub the hit Fast & Furious franchise as the official movie versions of Need for Speed, the new film is set to be quite different. The company has said it’s aiming for the tone of the car-culture films of the 1970s.

Aaron Paul will be playing a local street racer who, after being framed for the death of a friend, joins a New York-to-Los Angeles race to get revenge. Kid Cudi will play a member of the racer’s crew.

Kid Cudi has recently finished another film set to debut on the big screen entitled Two Night Stand, an indie romantic comedy produced by Beau Flynn and Ruben Fleischer. Thoughts?