BBQ ribs grilled meat smoke fog barbecue

Finger Lickin’ Good: What’s the Best BBQ in America?

BBQ ribs grilled meat smoke fog barbecue

Do you know where to find the best BBQ ribs in America?

How do you like it? Your barbecue, that is. Do you like it dry rubbed, hickory-smoked or wet with vinegar?

Whichever way you choose your meat, these cities always provide for finger-lickin’ goodness.

It’s almost springtime and what better way to celebrate America (before it gets scorching hot) than to honor its classic dish? Take a little road trip to get some killer BBQ.

If you’re not a carnivore, move along. If you love meat and meat loves you, carry on.

Lockhart, TX 78644

Barbecue is for real in Texas. You’ll get it dry-rubbed, slow-cooked over oak, sauce on the side.

Brisket, spicy hand-cranked sausage, slabs of pork ribs, pickles, slaw, white bread. Heaven on a paper plate. Forks? We don’t need no stinkin’ forks.

With many cities housing some of the best BBQ joints in the country, this is the city to visit and it is a legend in its own right with feuding families and rivaling restaurants.

Drive to Highway 183, just north of I-10 and south of Austin and step into the “Barbecue Capital of Texas,” dubbed by the state’s own legislature.

Check out Smitty’s, Black’s and Kreuz for one of the most surreal food comas you’ve ever had. Order the BBQ trifecta (don’t dare order sauce) at each place, sit down at a roadside picnic table, pop open your nostalgic bottle of pop and feast, my friends.

Kansas City, MO 66103

Sweet tomato and molasses! Kansas City smokes everything. Food and Wine magazine explains the city’s openness to barbecuing everything from beef and pork ribs, to pulled pork sandwiches to smoking turkey and chicken.

Look for wet ribs and brisket burnt ends… all hickory-smoked. Complete your platter of a plethora of meats with spicy-sweet baked beans. Word on the street is that Oklahoma Joe’s is the joint.

There’s so much more to Kansas City than barbecue, too. With notable jazz, art, culture, amazing food and affordable apartments for rent, Kansas City might just be a place to relocate to.

Then you can have all the meat covered in tomato-molasses sauce you can handle.

Lexington, NC 27292

There is something tangy about North Carolina. Oh yes, it’s the vinegar-based BBQ. The hickory-smoked goodness is different than any other in the country.

Head east for whole-hog pork meat with a vinegar zing or travel to Lexington for some sweet southern soul food.

Look for deep fried hush puppies to snuggle next to the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of a slow-cooked pork shoulder, some slaw to boot and never, ever forget the sweet iced tea.

Memphis, TN 38103

Barbecue, Elvis and Blues. What more could one ask for in a road trip? reports there are over 80 locations for your salivating glands to be fulfilled in Justin Timberlake‘s hometown.

Walk down the famous Beale Street and smother your senses with hickory-smoked goodness. Get up on some ribs and a pork sandwich… and that’s just for breakfast.

You’ll get your vegetables in the mustardy slaw piled high on that pulled pork sammy. Some Travel and Leisure suggestions include: Tops Bar-B-Q, A & R Bar-B-Que and Payne’s Original Bar-B-Que.