Aris Jerome – Reflection Starring LaRayia Gaston

Watch: Aris Jerome Directs Intimate Clip, “Reflection,” Starring LaRayia Gaston [NSFW]

Aris Jerome - Reflection Starring LaRayia Gaston

In this Aris Jerome-directed film clip, actress and model LaRayia Gaston is a dejected young woman attempting to cope with unrequited love.

As she puffs away at a cigarette in the bathroom mirror, she practices her speech before engaging in a humiliating phone call: “I’m a lover, but you already know that. Do you know how much I love you…? Yea smoking helps.”

LaRayia Gaston for Reflection by Aris Jerome

Set to an instrumental of Frank Ocean‘s “Crack Rock,” heartbreak never looked so gorgeous. Enjoy the short below, as well as some photos from the video/photo shoot.