MTV’s ‘Washington Heights’ Premiere, January 9, 2013

Wepa! MTV’s ‘Washington Heights’ Premieres Jan. 9 [Trailer]

MTV's 'Washington Heights' Premiere, January 9, 2013

MTV’s ‘Washington Heights’ Premiere, January 9, 2013

Immediately after the fifth episode of Catfish, MTV gave us a little preview of its upcoming reality tv series, Washington Heights.

The show follows a group of friends who live, work and play in the diverse (primarily Dominican-inhabited) neighborhood that sits right at the top of Manhattan.

Having grown up just blocks away from each other, a core group of friends [JP, Frankie, Reyna, Ludwin, Jimmy, Rico, Fred, Taylor, and Eliza] all share special bonds that feel more like family than friends.

While fiercely proud of their community, they sometimes struggle to push past the confines of their upbringing in order to carve out bright futures for themselves.

And despite obstacles that threaten to stand in the way of their dreams (aspiring fashion designer, professional baseball, hip-hop artist, poet), they always have each other’s backs.

Washington Heights is ultimately a celebration of friendship, neighborhood pride and making your way in life while having a good time along the way.

From the trailer, it looks like we’ll not only get to see a few young people #ontherise and a lot of Dominican and Latino pride, but insane drama as well!

As one of my favorite parts of New York City, I look forward to seeing it done justice! Watch below and keep up with the show on Facebook.

MTV’s ‘Washington Heights’  Official Trailer