Frank Ocean and Willy Cartier Embracing One Another

Rumor Has It: Frank Ocean Dating French Model Willy Cartier?

Frank Ocean and Willy Cartier Embracing, Rumored to Be Dating

Frank Ocean and Willy Cartier Embracing Rumored to Be Dating

On Sunday evening, a picture of Frank Ocean being embraced from behind by French model Willy Cartier (I have been crushing on him for the past two years thanks to Tumblr, he always manages to appear on my dashboard, and yes, I always mange to reblog every single picture of him that I see) hit the singer’s instagram feed and just as expected, rumors quickly began swirling about the two dating, but this isn’t the start of the rumors.

Frank has been sharing many photos of the model for the past few months and the two of them have been photographed many times, with the most recent picture being at the GQ award event held last month, where Willy was said to be Frank‘s date.

But what’s different about this particular picture, however, is that it looks like it’s from a movie or video, which also caused many fans to believe that Willy has been cast in Frank‘s next music video in support of his critically and commercial successful debut studio album Channel Orange.

Frank and Willy Sit Next To Each Other In A Past Photo

Frank and Willy Sit Next To Each Other In A Past Photo

If the video theory is correct, the still could be from the upcoming music video for “Lost,” which will serve as the official fourth single from the album.

The song was written by Frank alongside, Micah Otano and Malay, with production credits going to Malay.

Even if they do start dating, as a member of the LGBTQ community, it’s great to see someone in the R&B/Hip-hop market showing their love for someone who is the same sex as they.

Many rockers and poptarts have always been open about their sexuality, and they still manage to have a great deal of success and fame. Thoughts?