Justin Bieber ‘Believe Acoustic’ EP Official Cover Art

Justin Beiber Unveils ‘Believe Acoustic’ EP Album Cover & Official Release Date

Justin Bieber 'Believe Acoustic' EP Official Cover Art

Justin Bieber ‘Believe Acoustic’ EP Official Cover Art and Release Date Revealed

On the December 14th episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, teen heartthrob Justin Bieber announced that he would be releasing an acoustic version of his latest studio album Believe, which is tentatively entitled Believe Acoustic, which is scheduled to be released on January 29 2013.

The EP will feature a total of seven songs, with a bonus track. Although there’s no word of which songs will be on the EP, he has performed an acoustic version of his hit single “As Long as You Love Me” a countless number of times, as well as “Boyfriend.”

Take a look at what he had to say about the album below:

“It’s something the fans really like because I started out on YouTube just playing my guitar, just singing without all the production, so I like to just put out acoustic albums. I think it’s more intimate.”

The album cover seems to go quite well with the official cover art and promo photography of the Believe era, but there is something quite off about this particular cover.

If you look closely enough, Justin’s head seems to be photoshopped onto someone elses body, or someone’s body is photoshopped under Justin’s head. Either way, it’s something that we over here at Sinuous like to call photoshop gone wrong. Thoughts?