Hangover (movie poster)

10 Ways to Avoid That New Year’s Hangover

Hangover (movie poster)

I wish there was a way to stop a hangover, but my research hasn’t produced any positive responses till now. However, all you can do is taking action to avoid one and to ease the pain if you have one.

The idea of a magic pill that would make all the symptoms disappear is fantasy… pure fantasy! Unfortunately this means you have to look at the party season as a challenge! Can you get through it avoiding a hangover? Let’s see how we can win this battle:

1. Food

Line your stomach – it means a proper meal, not a bag of crisps and a couple of canapés! You will need a proper dense meal, in order to absorb some of the alcohol and give you the stamina to keep going.

I think a good plate of spaghetti bolognaise is a good place to start. You need to have the pasta for the slow release carbohydrates and the meat will stop some of the alcohol being absorbed.

2. Water

Make sure you are properly hydrated before you start drinking; make sure you have drunk enough water throughout the day. When you start drinking you can order water with your drinks, this will make sure you are constantly hydrated throughout the evening.

3. Drugs

You need to help your body in this battle and the only scientifically proven drug is Milk Thistle. You can buy it from any pharmacy and should take a dose the night before and the morning after.

It boosts the function of the liver which means you can process the alcohol quicker and get back to normal sooner.

4. Clear drinks

Choose drinks that are transparent in appearance. Darker drinks have been fermented and there is a chemical called congeners that increases the hangover effects. Drinks like white Wine, Vodka or Gin don’t have that particular chemical and won’t give you such a bad hangover.

However, as we all know, you can still get hangovers form white wine but they won’t be as bad… apparently.

5. Champagne

I love champagne and if I had enough money it would be all I drank. According to some scientists the bubbles in champagne means the alcohol gets into your system quicker and eventually makes you get drunk faster.

This can complicate your strategy and you’ll start drinking too much – too fast. So be aware that this can happen with champagne and it can cause heart burn, because it’s quite acidic and should be therefore treated with respect.

6. Alka seltzer and other salts

This is a personal favourite of mine. Before you go to bed, drink a glass of water with an Alka Seltzer dissolved in it. It seems to really help in the morning with combating a sore head and an upset tummy.

Apparently the same salts can be found in sachets designed for re-hydration and the treatment of diarrhea as well as isotonic drinks. Your local 24-hour garage is the place to head on your way home.

 7. Beans on toast

In the morning you’ll definitely need some food. Dry toast with honey after a heavy night can help getting you blood sugar levels back up again. Moreover, having beans is a great way to give your stomach something to work with in the morning.

8. Avoid Coffee and Tea

This may sound bonkers, but you need to avoid upsetting your stomach with tea and coffee as it can irritate a sensitive stomach. Tea and coffee can also dehydrate you and that’s the last thing you want to do.

9. Get up, get out

Going outside for a walk will get your heart rate up and help your body to speed up processing the alcohol in your system. Furthermore, exercise can improve the quality of your sleep the following night after. Although, having a full-on gym session after a heavy night is quite a pain in my mind.

10. Swim

This is definitely top on my list the morning after! If you can find a pool to dive into it takes your mind off how dreadful you feel and the exercise will get your body pumping blood through your liver and kidneys speeding the recovery process of your body.

It won’t help with the memory loss or the sickness but I always feel better after a swim!

I hope these tips will provide you the information to help avoid the worst hangovers. The key is to keep drinking water if you can and to take an Alker Seltzer before you go to bed.

Good Luck with your next mission to fight a hangover. Leaving you with that, raise a glass to a hangover free year!