Watch: The Weeknd & Drake Are in “The Zone”

The Weeknd's "The Zone" Music Video

Watch: The Weeknd’s”The Zone” Music Video

“The Zone” is the first track I ever heard from The Weeknd and I’ve waited a year to see how he’d visualize it.

Initially captivated by the moody song’s smooth, ethereal sound but then turned off by the singer’s disturbing lyrics (which I still find creepy), I continue to find myself playing it for pure listening pleasure.

“I’ll be making love to her through you, so let me keep my eyes closed. And I won’t see a damn thing, I can’t feel a damn thing, but I’mma touch you right…”

The Weeknd's "The Zone" Music Video

The Weeknd’s “The Zone” Music Video

Now mastered for his official debut, Trilogy, “The Zone” has some noticeable differences from its original, which appeared on Abel’s Thursday mixtape.

Despite that, its new video featuring Drake and directed by Abel himself fits the track’s ambiance perfectly — tying in Thursday herself, the artificially happy “house of balloons,” etc.

Enjoy the video below and pre-order Trilogy, which releases on November 13th.