Lumidee – “Party All Week” Official Music Video

Watch: Lumidee “Parties All F%$#in’ Week” in New Video

Lumidee - "Party All Week" Official Music Video

Lumidee “Parties All F%$#in’ Week” in New Video

Lumidee is determined to make her way back onto our party playlists, as proven by a hype official video for her new single, Party All Week.”

While most people haven’t heard a peep from the Latina rapper since her 2003 hit “Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh),” it sounds like she hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to dance floor anthems! Produced by Sauce and Surge Requena, the track reminds us a bit of the massive dance track Calabria by Danish producers Enur and deceased rapper Natasja.

While another video for the single released earlier this summer in celebration of this year’s Puerto Rican Day Parade, the official visuals show a raging indoor party scene. Watch below.

Lumidee – “Party All Week” Official Video