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Exclusive Interview: After Day26, Anthony Q Talks New Music, Fashion, and Evolving

For Anthony Q, a career after his controversial departure from Day26 means persevering: a new album, fashion ventures and growth.

Anthony Q (Qwanell Mosley)

It was difficult to control the laughter as the fabulous Teonny Spears assured Anthony Q that gays remain some of his biggest supporters. We’d been back and forth with the former Day26 member’s PR team for months trying to match schedules and frankly, I needed to decide on whether Sinuous Mag even wanted to start doing musician interviews.

What the hell would we ask Q that every other magazine or blog hasn’t? How would we touch on the very public end to his membership with the Diddy-formed singing group without beating the topic to death?

Now under Sky’s The Limit Entertainment and 22 Recordings/Capitol Records/EMI, the 24-year-old is full of excitement leading into 2013, when he’ll release his debut solo album.

He discussed hopes for future collaborations, new music on the way, venturing outside of music and so much more. Read the full interview below.

On how his new management fell into place:

“I did a couple of mixtapes, Q Files and Guitar Her and I got about 750,000 downloads, and I think we got over a million now. And people became interested in my music and me as an artist. So this year, I got chance to meet a couple of people that were interested in managing me and taking my career further. Everybody seemed to be on the same page as far as doing this stuff independently and putting in the work to make it happen. And it just all happened and fell in place.”

On whether he expected critics and fans to accept him so quickly as a solo artist:

“You know, I was really excited from the turn out because I knew they liked me in Day26. When those same fans came on board, I was like ‘oh this is crazy, they really believe in me!’ and it took me back to when I was auditioning for Day26. I don’t discredit the fact that I was in the band. If it wasn’t for them and that opportunity, I wouldn’t be the artist I am today. I think everything happens for a reason.”

On the name change from “Que” to “Anthony Q”:

“I wanted to transform myself. I got involved with The Gooding Development Company and I was learning old school music, ’70s… I was studying The Main Ingredient, Donnie Hathaway, Sam Cooke. I’m big a fan of vintage, and it just made sense for what I was trying to create and evolve into.”

On which artists he’d like to collaborate with:

“I’m a big fan of Frank Ocean, Miguel. If they liked my music, I would be honored. I think those are two dope ass artists and I would be honored to work with either or. Things could happen in the future.”

On his new single, “Money Bags”:

“It is a great track. I know y’all gonna like it. It’s a club record — it’s uptempo. We got Kalenna on it from Dirty Money. I’ve always wanted to work with her so I was honored to work with her. I’m a fan of her style so I know y’all gonna like it and I can’t wait ’til you hear it.”


On whether crossing over to pop from R&B is selling out:

“No. Pop music is incredible. I’m evolving into an R&B/pop artist. I just like to make music. I’m a fan of all music. If you can go in the studio and come up with some shit that’s hot, I’m a fan.”

On becoming the face on Threadz Atlanta:

“It’s a really nice boutique store here in Atlanta (1060 St. Charles Ave Atlanta, GA 30306). Like you said, they have a lot of classy clothes but they have an urban appeal. There will also be a special line, stuff that I’m creating and stuff that I really wear, my line. Maison Martin Margiela-influenced, metals and screws and different textures and wood… It’s almost like a new urban outfitters with a vintage appeal.”

On his new bracelet line:

“We got bracelets coming — Suravat’ [Sur-Ra-Vey] bracelets. The most important part is that it’s for a good cause. For instance, we just did a breast cancer walk. We got up early in the morning and walked all over Atlanta. The ladies loved the breast cancer bracelets, they thought they were beautiful. And the donations go toward the cause.”

On giving back to the community:

“A couple weeks ago, me and Cori [Sims], we went to this hospital and we weren’t able to meet the kids because they get sick easily. But we were able to get them the toys really quick. But they appreciated it and they asked me to sing and it was so much fun and I felt so comfortable and I wanna do it again because things like that make you feel good. When you can just give an extra hand and make somebody’s day fulfilled with just a toy. And some of those kids only have a couple of months to live, some of them have a couple of days to live… so stuff like that is powerful.”

On what we can expect next:

“The biggest thing you can expect is my album and my music. It’s going to be out in 2013. It’s my first solo album and “Money Bags” is the first single. I know it’s going to be one of the best albums of the year. I’m around people who wanna evolve and people who are really creative and serious about making really nice music so… it’s gonna be dope.”

“Money Bags” will hit iTunes on October 30th. Keep up with Q on Twitter at @Que_thafuture.