Dawn Richard GoldenHeart Official Cover

Dawn Richard Postpones ‘GoldenHeart’ Release Date Until 2013

Dawn Richard "GoldenHeart' Official Cover

Dawn Richard’s ‘GoldenHeart’ Pushed to 2013

Though I’m not surprised at all, it has been announced that Dawn Richard has changed the release date of her full-length debut studio album GoldenHeart to next year. Originally set to be released October 16th, the album has been delayed until January 15, 2013 to accommodate a physical release.

The singer partnered with Altavoz Distribution to bring the project to major retail chains including Best Buy and Target as well as mom and pop stores.Take a look at what she had to say below:

“It’s a movement, we are starting here. After all our hard work, we finally are expanding our art into stores. We wanted to make GoldenHeart available to all [Hearts], not just digitally. The project is too amazing to be limited to one portal of access. It’s time to get excited. This is a big deal for us!”

GoldenHeart serves as the first in a trilogy of albums that the singer-songwriter announced. Also, to help fans get more connected, she plans to launch a mobile app on iOS and Android devices, which will allow fans to stay atop of news, videos, and make direct purchases. Thoughts?