Fresh Moombah: Sazon Booya Unleashes ‘Impacto’ EP on iTunes

Sazon Booya - 'Impacto' EP Cover

Sazon Booya’s ‘Impacto’ EP Hits iTunes

NYC-based moombahton innovators Sazon Booya have been on a steady road to overdue recognition. From being featured in NY Lottery‘s Cash Blast commercial, to a recent interview with Jay-Z‘s Life + Times, the duo is propelling the genre into mainstream light.

“I usually just say it’s reggaeton and dancehall elements mixed with dance music and house music elements,” Sazon Booya‘s Mr. Vega tells Life + Times. “When you get that fusion, you get moombahton. That’s the simplest way to describe it.”

They’ve had fans losing their shit with a free release of their Impacto EP for the past two weeks. The drop, which features collaborations with ETC!ETC!Otis Clapp, Valerie Valentine, Gnucci, Jay Jacob, Anna Yvette, and Lobounce, resulted in over 35,000 plays and 20,000 downloads!

If you weren’t lucky enough to grab the 5-track freebie, sucks for you! But it is now available on iTunes and Beatport.

To accompany the release, Sazon Booya will soon embark on the Impacto Tour — dates coming soon!


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