Munchi vs Azealia Banks

Munchi Calls Out Azealia Banks for Use of “Esta Noche” Without Permission

Munchi vs Azealia Banks

Munchi says he was disrespected by Azealia Banks and Interscope over “Esta Noche” track

Whoa, who saw this coming? Up and coming female rapper Azealia Banks was set to release “Esta Noche” as her next single, a track produced by moombathon pioneer DJ Munchi.

But apparently, no one — not Banks or her label Interscope — got permission to use the song commercially.

Originally appearing on the rapper’s Fantasea mixtape, the song’s been disputed via Twitter and Facebook all day as both artists and their passionate fans continue to weigh in.

And despite Munchi‘s refusal to allow usage of the song, she tweeted, “I’m still shooting the esta noche video tomorrow *kanye shrug*.” As a chick just starting out, it’s probably best to avoid making a name for yourself as difficult to work with, no?

Munchi had these final thoughts on what’s going on:

Azealia situation.

What is childish is the fact that I got disrespected 11 times in total and still they thought it was ok to just give me a sum of money for my integrity. You get buyed off for their disrespect and call it a day.

Each time they told me something and put out something that was not discussed. In the end trying to blame me for something she put up in error by stating that this release could not be out today since I think she is in the Illuminati (thirsty for fame and success by portraying occult references in every step you take is not something i want to affiliate with. Even less because it is a hype nowadays, it’s fucking music yo). I had to do this after the great amount of patience I’ve shown. The Interscope problem solver dude was actually pretty cool, I never talked to Azealia or her management, every time they would get me in contact with someone higher in Interscope.

This is Interscope we are talking about. What’s up with this bitchshit. I am supposed to say “Oh, I’ll have to accept Azealia’s behaviour since she is an artist and can do whatever she wants.”

Not happening.

The reason why I did not reply to any of the Tweets is simple: I cannot blame the crowd for their ignorance in this situation. 1 thing that you do have to know is that I will always try to be straigt up and be real with it.

I tried, but got disrespected every single time.

There is a limit friends.Fuck man and I’m on my 3 month hiatus of this shit. WTF yo.

Listen: “Esta Noche”