“Cross Road Blues” (Robert Johnson) by Wonil Suh

Creative Pick of the Week: “Cross Road Blues” by Wonil Suh

"Cross Road Blues" (Robert Johnson) by Wonil Suh

Wonil Suh’s Robert Johnson-tribute, “Cross Road Blues,” is our Creative Pick of the Week

While I’ve had the pleasure of showcasing the work of many talented friends and colleagues, featuring a piece by my former Interactive Media professor, Wonil Suh, is beyond an honor.

Now a Creative Development Lead at BBDO Worldwide, the NYC-based designer still finds time to share his amazing personal work with us, the latest entitled “Cross Road Blues.”

The mixed digital art piece tributes Mississippi blues musician Robert Johnson, whose poorly documented life and death at age 27 in 1938 have fueled rumors that he sold his soul at a crossroads to achieve success (hasn’t every popular artist done that?).

Hailed as “the most important blues singer that ever lived” by Eric Clapton, Johnson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986Johnson‘s early death puts him at the top of the 27 Club, a disturbing list of popular musicians who died at 27 years old and at their prime.

If you’re unfamiliar with Robert Johnson take a listen to the song below, and check out more of Wonil‘s work at wonilsuh.com.

Listen: Robert Johnson – “Me and the Devil Blues”