‘sleepyhead.’ by Cristina Otero

Creative Quickie: ‘sleepyhead.’ by Cristina Otero | photography

'sleepyhead.' by Cristina Otero

‘sleepyhead.’ by Spanish artist/photographer Cristina Otero

Up to her usual amazing antics, Spanish artist/photographer Cristina Otero offers her latest work entitled, sleephead. This time, the talented 16-year-old is joined by a new family member, Nerón, an albino ferret who apparently loves to get some Zzzz.

Taking some style tips from her furry little pal, Cristina‘s skin and eyebrows are snow white, while her sparkling blue eyes are a blazing brown and her lips an intense red.

For this shot, she uses a Pentax K-5. Keep up with her on Facebook and Twitter at @cristinaotero_.