NY Lottery’s ‘Cash Blast’ Commercial featuring Sazon Booya

Watch: Founding Fathers Party Hard in NY Lottery’s ‘Cash Blast’ Commercial ft Sazon Booya

NY Lottery's 'Cash Blast' Commercial featuring Sazon Booya

Founding fathers star in NY Lottery’s humorous ‘Cash Blast’ Commercial featuring Sazon Booya

U.S. founding fathers find themselves partying it up in NY Lottery‘s new commercial spot for Cash Blast. Entitled “Beach Party,” the hilarious DDB-produced clip depicts Washington, Lincoln, Franklin and the gang getting it in 2012-style to “Oye Mami” by one of moombahton’s pioneer DJ sets, Sazon Booya.

This is a gigantic step for the genre as a whole, which is relatively new compared to other electro styles. Oye Mami, available now. Enjoy watching the commercial and hear a longer snippet of the track below. Congrats, guys!

Watch: NY Lottery’s ‘Cash Blast’ Commercial