Miguel Unleash’d Magazine Fall 2012 600px

Miguel Covers Unleash’d Magazine Fall 2012, Talks ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ & More

Miguel Unleash'd Magazine Fall 2012

Miguel Covers Unleash’d Magazine Fall 2012, Talks Upcoming Album ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ & More

Seen as an exciting leader in new R&B, soul crooner Miguel covers Unleash’d Magazine‘s Fall 2012/Anniversary issue, which is available now in both print and digital formats.

Photographed by Solmaz Saberi in Los Angeles, the singer talks about his forthcoming sophomore album entitled Kaleidoscope Dream, his recent BET Award win, getting too personal with his music and much more.

Miguel for Unleash'd Magazine Fall 2012 photographed by Solmaz Saberi

Miguel for Unleash’d Magazine Fall 2012 photographed by Solmaz Saberi

Miguel, who found recent success in teasing fans with a free three-part Art Dealer Chic EP, will repeat the tactic with Kaleidoscope Dream, his follow-up to 2010’s debut All I Want Is You.

The album is divided into three separate chapters/releases with production help from Salaam RemiPop & Oak, and Jerry Wonda.

The first, Kaleidoscope Dream: The Water Preview, is out now and features the single Adorn as well as two new songs, “Don’t Look Back” and “Use Me.” 

The second installment, Kaleidoscope Dream: The Air Preview, is set to release on September 11th.

The final full-length album, Kaleidoscope Dream, will drop on October 2nd and will combine the two digital EPs as well as five new songs.

“I believe dreams represent the purest form of fantasy we unleash through our subconscious,” said Miguel. “They represent the truest freedom we can experience. Totally unrepressed and totally creative…”

Listen to “Use Me” and “Don’t Look Back” and tell us what you think below!