Russ Parr

Russ Parr Opens Up About Sick Daughter, Sends Heartbreaking “Thank You” to Fans

Russ Parr

This morning the Russ Parr Morning Show took a somber turn as Russ nearly brought me to tears while thanking fans for their prayers for his daughter Chandler. She has been hospitalized for a week and at this time we are unsure of her illness.

You could hear him fighting the urge to cry as he revealed the painful ordeal.

Last night the radio host/director broke down on Twitter as he struggled with negative thoughts about her well-being and fans immediately reached out to comfort him.

Parr expressed feeling reluctance to even make the request of this fans and how, even in pain, Chandler says “thank you” to her caretakers.

We are keeping Chandler and the Parr family in our thoughts and prayers and look forward to hearing about her recovery soon!