Lady Gaga as La Chameleon in ‘Machete Kills’ 02

Lady Gaga Making Film Debut as “La Chameleon” in ‘Machete Kills’

Lady Gaga as La Chameleon in 'Machete Kills'

Lady Gaga to Appear as "La Chameleon" in Robert Rodriguez's 'Machete Kills'

Lady Gaga is set to make her film debut in the upcoming and semi-anticipated action exploitation film Machete Kills, which will be released sometime next year. In the film, Gaga plays La Chameleon (Lady Chameleon) and few details are known about the singer’s role, but her promo picture gives us a few hints.

Machete Kills serves as a sequel to 2010’s Machete, which began as a fake B-movie trailer in Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino‘s 2007 Grindhouse. In the second installment of the planned trilogy, Machete is being recruited by the U.S. government to travel through Mexico to stop a cartel leader and an arms dealer who has launched a weapon into space.

Danny Trejo, Lindsay Lohan, Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba all reprise their roles from the 1st film, while Charlie Sheen, Sofia Vergara, Vanessa Hudgens and Zoe Saldana join on as new members of the cast.