Cherri Prince Loves Leftovers Album Cover

London’s Cherri Prince Drops Smooth ‘Loves Leftovers’ EP

Cherri Prince Loves Leftovers Album Cover

British Songstress Cherri Prince Debuts Smooth ‘Loves Leftovers’ EP

We love getting our hands on new tunes from overseas, this time from British soul songstress Cherri Prince who has just released her new EP entitled Loves Leftovers. I first came across Cherri while researching “London’s John Legend,” Himal, and really enjoyed her 2009 release Listen Hear.

Similar to her previous project, Loves Leftovers incorporates a soulful blend of jazz, hip-hop and neo-soul — yet each of the 8 tracks come off with an even smoother, unique sound.

“I would like to sit with you, talk about life again… my eyes have really missed you and I’m just curious…”

Cherri‘s rich vocals and lyricism are enhanced with various musicians on guitars, keys, drums and saxophones, as well as chill production from the likes of Kensaye, who produced the last track, Once Upon A Time, featuring Mangaliso Asi.

Enjoy a preview below and buy the album on Amazon and Bandcamp.


  1. Misery 04:07
  2. Traveller 03:38
  3. Caterpiller Love 04:01
  4. So Good 04:33
  5. Drift Away 00:51
  6. Just Wondering 03:31
  7. Convenient 04:41
  8. Once Upon a Time 03:50


Keep up with Cherri on Twitter at @CherriPrince.