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Beyoncé Sizzles in Sexy ‘Midnight Heat’ Fragrance Ad Campaign

Beyoncé's 'Midnight Heat' Ad

Beyoncé's Sexy 'Midnight Heat' Ad

It was only 2 years ago when Beyoncé released her first fragrance Heat to the world. Yes people you are reading correctly, 2 whole years!!! Time really does fly doesn’t it? Shortly after the release of the original scent, the singer followed with Heat Ultimate Elixir and Heat Rush. Now she is prepping to release the latest of the franchise entitled Midnight Heat.

Beyonce's 'Midnight Heat' Ad Campaign

Beyoncé's 'Midnight Heat'

Said to be more sensual than the previous fragrances, Midnight Heat exudes passion in the air and embodies excitement of hot summer nights. With scents of plum, star fruit, orchid, black tulips and purple peony, there’s a strong chance that this new fragrance will be just as successful as the first!

I love Beyoncé‘s new campaign and it’s not just because the bottle, what she’s wearing and the background feature my favorite color. Beyoncé is gorgeous and she sells the fragrance just by looking as if she’s going out for a night in the town =, giving men and even women a taste of midnight heat!!! Thoughts?