Misfits – Curtis and Alisha

‘Misfits’ Making U.S. Debut in July on LOGO

Misfits TV Series U.S. Debut

Hit British Series 'Misfits' Debuts in the U.S. on July 19th

Finally! U.S. fans of the provocative sci-fi drama, Misfits will no longer have to get heir fix via video on demand websites, as the hit British television series will make its debut on LOGO in July. We’ll get six-one hour episodes of the show, which has already garnered much U.S. popularity.

The award-winning series follows a group of rebellious 20-somethings, who are turned into an unconventional group of anti-heroes by a freak electrical storm while performing community service. Nathan Young (Robert Sheehan), Simon Bellamy (Iwan Rheon), Curtis Donovan (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), Kelly Bailey (Lauren Socha), and Alisha Bailey (Antonia Thomas) use their new superpowers, sometimes for good, but mostly for fun.

Misfits - Curtis and Alisha

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Curtis Donovan and Antonia Thomas as Alisha Bailey in 'Misfits'

“We’re proud to introduce the U.S. television audience to this beloved series, which is like the mutant offspring of ‘True Blood’ and ‘X-Men,'” said Marc Leonard, Senior Vice President of Multiplatform Programming, Logo. “‘Misfits’ is the perfect series for our Logo viewers who will appreciate how the show’s underdogs rise up, take center stage and start blurring the lines of morality, sexuality, gender and reality itself.”

Tune into the U.S. premiere on Thursday, July 19th at 10PM!

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