Change in Progress: Can Brooklyn’s Sene Breathe New Life Into New York Hip-hop?


Brooklyn emcee Sene

Recently, while doing our monthly search for new albums, it was becoming extremely frustrating to find anything worth listening to. What else is new?

I can’t tell you what made me click on an album that Amazon recommended from an artist I’ve never heard of but there it was.

Brooklyknight, the sophomore album from Brooklyn rapper Sene, which released on April 24th on the prestigious Plug Research label.

Sene’s new release comes out at a time where the hip-hop landscape in New York City has long dramatically changed, mostly for the worst. But has the desolation made way for new life?

The Puetro Rican South Brooklyn native is focused on carving out a new “scene,” somewhere between the big label chasing and the backpack clinging cultures that are left in the city.

Boasting features and production by the likes of Cali emcees Blu and Co$$, NY’s Scienze and Soul Khan, and more — Brooklyknight proves to deserve the multitude of kudos it has receiving from the hip-hop blogosphere and fans alike.

There is unarguably something about Sene that is refreshing and new, while also strangely familiar — but not at all recycled.

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Watch: Sene – “The Feel Reel” Official Music Video

Watch: Sene – “brooklyknight.” Official Music Video directed by Pace Rivers


Sene - brooklyknight album cover

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