Crowd Gone Wild: Buraka Som Sistema’s Electrifying “Tira o Pé” Music Video

To tribute all of the fans that have attended Buraka Som Sistema‘s live shows, the group has released the official video for “Tira o Pé,” the third single and one of the hypest tracks from their sophomore album, Komba (iTunes / Amazon).

Directed by Joao Pedro Moreira and Buraka themselves, the video uses tour footage which captures just a hint of the booty poppin’ and dancefloor riots that erupt every time “Tira o Pé” is played live. When the beat drops, the video goes into slow-motion, making the rebuild even more explosive.

Despite most fans having no idea what they are saying, they chant the song’s lyrics “A Buraka é dona do terreno!” at the command of Buraka‘s leading lady, Blaya. We also get an exclusive look at the backstage antics between the band members.

The pioneers of progressive kuduro have also released the bass-heavy club anthem with remixes by upcoming producers JWLS, Jay Fay and Roby Howler. As a special treat for DJs, instrumental and acapella versions of the track appear on the release as well.

Buraka‘s currently on tour throughout Europe this summer and will be playing Los Angeles for HARD Summer 2012 in August.

Enjoy the official video for “Tira o Pé” below. Keep up with Buraka on Facebook and Twitter at @buraka.