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Women Really Say This Shit? “It’s not rape if he’s hot.”

“I know I sound ridiculous saying this, but Smith is totally hot. Rape is supposed to be traumatizing, but I don’t see how screwing someone who looks like a hot US Marine, wait, IS a hot US marine can be so bad.”
Robert Downey Jr

Celebrity blogger Wendy Cheng, better known as Xiaxue, is described as the Paris Hilton/Rush Limbaugh of the blog world in Singapore.

So apparently statements as shocking as the one above are the reason for her existence. She was referring to the Subic rape case, in which Daniel Smith–a U.S. Marine–was accused, convicted, and later acquitted of raping a woman in the Philippines in 2009.

Three years after Smith was sentenced to 40 years in prison, the accuser altered her testimony and moved to the U.S., stating “my conscience continues to bother me realizing that I may have in fact been so friendly and intimate with Daniel Smith … that he was led to believe that I was amenable to having sex or that we simply just got carried away.”

Without delving any further into the case, let’s focus on Wendy, who couldn’t bring herself to understand how someone so good looking (in her opinion) could possibly rape anyone.

“Now, let me tell you something… Daniel Smith is 21, has the most piercing blue eyes ever, and is also a US marine.” A real dreamboat, sexy rapist.

Belle confused

The real problem is that I’ve read and heard opinions of women from all over the world who think quite similarly to Wendy Cheng. The victim-blaming is endless and we’re kidding ourselves if we think only men are doing it.

The remainder of what Wendy has to say made me throw up in my mouth. A few things become immediately apparent:

Wendy Cheng

Blogger Wendy Cheng

  1. Wendy lacks empathy. (Yea, no shit.)
  2. She’s completely delusional.
  3. She needs a refresher on the psychology of rape and its relation to power and domination.
  4. She might actually be ignorant enough to justify the rape of elderly women and babies, or the use of rape as a common war tactic throughout the world, as recent as a month ago.
  5. She is completely unaware of how hard women in the U.S. military have been fighting against the high tolerance for sexual predators in their ranks.
  6. Her attraction to any man clearly overshadows her own self-worth.
  7. She doesn’t have a clue what a “race” is. In her FAQ, she explains that she is “racist” against Bangladeshi construction workers in Singapore stating, “I once lived in a neighbourhood full of them and got molested by them many times when I was a teen. It is very traumatizingand I don’t think it’s unreasonable that I’m afraid of them and dislike them. If you think this is wrong, FUCK YOU.”Yet, in her own opinion, a woman who has been raped should only feel trauma if, in fact, the rapist is ugly or a horny, dirty Bangladeshi…
  8. Which also makes her childishly selfish. Only HER trauma matters.

Here are few more excerpts from her vile rant:

“Afterwards, Smith took the girl’s wrist and pulled her to dance (damn, I don’t get that sort of luck with handsome US marines whenever I was single) and she claims that afterwards, Smith pulled her into a van.

And Smith raped her while his mates cheered him on.


(I found all that a bit arousing)

…you don’t consent to dancing with like 4 caucasian guys in drunken stupor, probably in slutty clothes, and expect that among all 4 of them, none wants to have sex with you.

I know a girl can agree to dance and not want to have sex, but to a certain extent we have to agree she kinda asked for it.

If you don’t want to be violated, don’t consent to the dancing and don’t seduce him in the first place.

How’s a guy to know if, at the point of penetration, whether a girl is just playing hard to get by saying no? Jap porn has all the girls saying no but they all enjoy it in the end.

Logically, if you agree to kissing, dirty dancing, then you should be mostly agreeable to going all the way. If you don’t want to, make it clear from the start, and don’t make him erected and test his willpower. Men think with their damn penises and act accordingly. *roll eyes*

At least, I don’t think the victim’s trauma is equal to that of Smith’s trauma when he received his jail term: BLOODY LIFE SENTENCE.

A LIFETIME OF JAIL AT THE TENDER AGE OF 21. His bright future all ruined!! All for 10 mins of him fucking someone who wasn’t even conscious to enjoy it!

What! It’s true what! I don’t care if some people don’t even find Smith hot. I find him super hot, and I don’t see how he needs to rape anyone.”


You can read more here.

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