Katy B Go Away at Royal Festival Hall March 2012

Watch: Katy B Performing “Go Away” Live at Royal Festival Hall


Katy B, one of the most recognizable and soulful voices in UK dance music and dubstep, recently gave fans a treat with an acoustic performance of “Go Away” during a musical celebration of International Women’s Day, which was hosted by legend Annie Lennox at EQUALS Live.

The song appears sixth on her critically-acclaimed debut album entitled On A Mission, which released exactly one year ago today.

“Go Away” channels some highly-relatable dynamic tensions of a relationship. Specifically, the dubstep princess says the song is about an ex-boyfriend, “though I’ve never asked him if he knows it’s about him. That would be terrifying. It’s hard enough to put it out there how you are feeling without them knowing, but I guess I can’t hide all the time.”

thanks like1999