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Meagan Good Covers FEARLESS Magazine, Talks to Girls About Having a Purpose

Meagan Good covers Fearless Magazine

Meagan Good covers FEARLESS Magazine

The lovely Meagan Good graces the cover of FEARLESS Magazine photographed by Steven Kay and styled by Davida Colona. The Think Like A Man star serves as the magazine’s first celebrity guest editor, sharing her love for music, favorite foods and more for the issue which will be available digitally on May 1st.

“Meagan has an amazing spirit and I knew without a doubt she would be able to bring a sense of humility and upliftment as the guest editor,” says FEARLESS Magazine publisher Arian Simone.

She was also brought in alongside actress Bre’ly Evans to talk to the publication’s FEARLESS Girls Club, a youth empowerment group for high school girls. She spoke on having a purpose in life and shared a few personal stories and struggles:

“I’ve been taking care of my whole family financially since I was 14. My oldest brother has a learning disability and brain damage since he was a kid. My youngest sister is adopted. My older sister and mom are retired. I’ve had that on my shoulder my whole life pretty much.

What’s kept me grounded through all of the things I’ve been through and constantly been through is prayer. Every morning before I get up and start my day I pray. For God to give me strength, to give me vision, to tell me what to do. How to live, sometimes what to wear and I try to read some of my bible. It always uplifts me to the point where I feel that I have the energy and the strength to get through whatever the day brings and gives to me.

I promise to God that when I don’t read my bible [and pray], my day is totally different. Every time that I do that, no matter what happens, I am more equipped to handle the things that I may not have thought I could handle if I didn’t start my day like that. God can change circumstances and it starts inside of us and works it’s way out.”

Watch Meagan Good and Bre’ly Evans speak to the FEARLESS GIRLS CLUB