Futura animated film

Typography Film: ‘Futura un spécimen animé’ by Thibault de Fournas & Christopher Wilson

Futura animated film

Designed in 1927 by Paul Renner, the Futura typeface gets a much deserved animated tribute by Thibault de Fournas and Christopher Wilson, two talented students of France’s ESAG.

Used by several brands including VolkswagenIKEA (until 2010), Calvin Klein and Louis VuittonFutura is also a known favorite by filmmakers Wes Anderson and the late Stanley Kubrick, and was use throughout one of my favorite films, V For Vendetta. Additionally, the typeface has inspired similar popular fonts including Century Gothic by Herb Lubalin and Gotham by Tobias Frere-Jones.

Futura un spécimen animé elegantly depicts the legendary sans serif’s weights and its versatility as a headline or body font. Futura‘s nearly perfect use of simple geometric shapes (circle, triangle, square) are also visualized.

Created completely in Adobe After Effects, editing for the film was provided by Bernard Baissait and Michel Wlassikoff. Enjoy watching below.

Watch Futura un spécimen animé