NV Magazine Rising To The Top

NV Magazine Talks Keys To Success In “Rising To The Top” Issue

NV Magazine Rising To The Top

For NV Magazine‘s latest issue entitled “Rising to the Top,” the urban professional magazine delves into what it takes to be successful. The path that’s both planned and unplanned, the strategies that work and the obstacles you may have to overcome that don’t necessarily come from exterior sources but often, your own persona.

The cover features people from various industries: Michele Thornton, Senior Director of CNN Multi-Cultural Ad Sales; Jeffrey Bowman, Cross-Cultural Practice Lead at Ogilvy & Mather; Michelle Cruz, owner of the East Harlem Cafe; and Jeffrey Page, Emmy Award nominated choreographer.

The power of this issue is in the diversity of their paths, the diversity of their work and the commonality of their results, success.

This issue is available for download on your iPhone or iPad and free to all registered members of the NV Magazine social networking site at nvmagazine.com.