Tumblr Highlight 1 dollar

Tumblr Adds $1 Highlighted Posts Feature

Tumblr Highlight 1 dollar

Tumblr's new highlight feature

Tumblr users may have noticed that the site has added a new feature allowing highlighted posts. The intent is to allow users to make a post stand out in dashboards with a sticker “for extra attention.”

Unlike Tumblr‘s many other free features, this one will cost you a $1.00. Small change, but is it worth it? Most importantly, is this a lucrative monetization strategy for the NYC-based microblogging platform company?

With 39.5 million blogs and more than 15 billion total posts as of January 2012, the numbers are favorable. Other monetization includes paid blog themes and sponsored channels.

Given that Tumblr is mostly popular with teens and college-aged users, the highlighted posts could be a way to help Tumble-blog using brands reach their followers better. The stickers fall under several categories that are especially great for events, alerts, and products which includes “On sale now!” and “Buy This!” labels.

The highlight may also be useful tool for presidential candidates who seek young voters, e.g: President Obama whose campaign is currently experimenting with its own Tumble-blog.

Valuated at $800 million, Tumblr is largely funded by investors including Union Square Ventures, Spark Capital, Martín Varsavsky, John Borthwick (Betaworks), Fred SeibertSequoia Capital, and more recently Greylock Partners and Insight Venture Partners.