Brandon Daniels – SkinnyBuffMan

SkinnyBuffMan Creator Brandon Daniels Featured on Killanum Ent.

Brandon Daniels - SkinnyBuffMan

Brandon Daniels, creator of SkinnyBuffMan

Music, style and culture website Killanum Ent. recently interviewed our friend Brandon Daniels, the creator of SkinnyBuffMan for an article focused on the Bay Area’s rising urban fashion talent. The movement is turning young men with creative vision into passionate entrepreneurs.

Featured alongside the creators of J-Milli-On, Ryan Cain Clothing and Purple Hart Collection, Brandon talks in depth about the core of his SkinnyBuffMan brand, his creative process and seeing his clothing worn by someone for the first time.

Check out an excerpt from the interview below and read the full article at

“Everybody’s fresh has its own organic story to it and mine is my SkinnyBuffMan lifestyle. I have so many goals I want to accomplish with the SkinnyBuffMan movement in the near future and one of them is to be able to flip open a skater magazine, CCS to be exact and see SkinnyBuffMan gear in the top fashion line ups, that would be big.

I really respect the impact skateboarding has on the world with its fashion and original lifestyle. SkinnyBuffMan represents all of that. Another goal of mine is to reach the world, reach out overseas into different countries because I think SkinnyBuffMan Clothing will change lives everywhere.”

We recently wrapped up our SkinnyBuffMan t-shirt contest but you can definitely expect more to come very soon as the line continues to grow and expand. In the mean time, you can shop SkinnyBuffMan‘s online store.