Jay-Z and Kanye West in Official ‘Niggas In Paris’ music video

Jay-Z & Kanye West Go Psychedelic for Official “Niggas in Paris” Video

Jay-Z and Kanye West in Official 'Niggas In Paris' music video

Jay-Z and Kanye West in Official 'Niggas In Paris' music video

After a week full of bullshit, nothing amps me up more than ending my Friday blasting “Niggas In Paris,” the most infamous track from Jay-Z and Kanye‘s collaboration album Watch the Throne. And today I randomly asked myself (as I am my favorite person to talk to), “when the hell is this video coming out already!?”

Well I didn’t have long to wait as the video has finally released! It’s a phenomenal visual experience but if you have not seen it, the initial medical warning is not to be taken lightly.

While I had envisioned a more conceptual approach to the video, the brilliant piece goes far beyond the typical editing for “live performance music video,” e.g: audience shot, performers, audience shot, backstage footage, back to performers.

The epic visuals were directed by Kanye and produced by Jonathan Lia with impeccable videography by Alexander Hammer and heavy visual fx by Alex Moors. The performance is enhanced with psychedelic mirror and kaleidoscope effects, transparent typography, a few models, flashing lights, some “kings of the jungle” and artwork from the Watch The Throne album cover. Oh, and of course footage of Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory makes a cameo.

Other compelling images include billowing clouds of smoke, Parisian architecture and concert-goers capturing mobile footage and holding up the Roc-a-fella diamond symbol which also appears simultaneously (cue the Illuminati-obsessed nut jobs).

Last year my favorite video was by newcomer The Weeknd for “The Knowing” and now we’ll see who, if anyone tops “Niggas In Paris” in 2012. Watch below.

Watch “Niggas in Paris” Official Video