Lithium by nachan (Rosaria Battiloro)

Creative Quickie: Lithium by Rosaria Battiloro

Lithium by Rosaria Battiloro

Lithium by Rosaria Battiloro

Lithium is an expressive watercolour painting by Italian artist Rosaria Battiloro that evokes pure, raw emotion though using subtle lines and minimal paint dabs. The painting is named after either the classic mood stabilizer used to treat bi-polar disorder, or Nirvana‘s 1991 track entitled “Lithium.”

Either would be suitable as Lithium—the drug often leaves those who take it with a sense of emptiness, causing a desire to stop the medication and feel again. With that in mind, the angle of choice and the deliberate drippings work beautifully together to tell somber story.

Rosaria is a graduate of the Fine Arts College in Naples, Italy where she studied Pop Art and the Neo-Pop Movement.