Valentine’s Day Gifts – Versace DV ONE Cruise watch in pink

Create A Very Versace Valentine’s Day Wishlist

Versace Valentine's Day Wishlist App

Versace Valentine’s Day Wishlist App on Facebook

Versace has launched its Valentine’s Wish List App on Facebook where you can add some of the most glamorous and bold Versace brand gifts to your own wishlist.

The choices include a pink Versace bag, a vintage inspired necklace, a DV One Cruise watch in pink, Versace sunglasses, Versace Spring/Summer 2012 Studded cuffs (which I want), Bright Crystal perfurme and more. While choosing an item, as well as when you are done with your list, you can send a friendly hint to a your Valentine directly or share it with friends.

The app serves as a great way for Versace to engage customers for the holiday and introduce Spring/Summer 2012 merchandise.

There are a few annoying quirks though, such as the inability to add more than one item at a time to your list. And if you think you’ve finished, but you change your mind and want to add those studded cuffs for me (hint, hint), you have to guess how to get back to the gallery because there is no navigation.

I guessed right by clicking “A Very Versace Valetine” which is in white letters at the top left corner of the app.

Create your own list on Facebook at