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Design Love: Typographic Revolt Magazine

Typographic Revolt Magazine designed by Ryan Atkinson

The minds behind British type foundry HypeForType commissioned South African graphic designer Ryan Atkinson to produce their first magazine entitled Typographic Revolt.

The 6-page magazine pays tribute to HypeFortype‘s Exclusive Faces range of fonts. Instead of following traditional design conventions, Ryan designed a quick read, A3 magazine which doubles as eight typographic posters.

Each page folds out into an A2 double-sided poster which are perfect for any studio or home wall space.

Typography Revolt is given its entertaining and unique voice by HFT founder Alex Haigh and copy-editor, Stephan de Lange.

“We instigated a typographic revolt, a rallying cry to all Type and their users to take up arms against the tyranny of mediocrity that assails our eyeballs and spits in the faces of good designers all over the world,” Ryan says.

Typographic Revolt is printed as a limited litho run publication on 90gsm wood free paper, giving the magazine a premium newspaper feel which absorbs the inks to create a beautiful desaturated look and feel. You can purchase your copy of Typographic Revolt for £6.99 (9.00 USD) now on Amazon.

Typographic Revolt Magazine by Ryan Atkinson

Typographic Revolt Magazine by Ryan Atkinson

Typographic Revolt Magazine by Ryan Atkinson

Typographic Revolt Magazine by Ryan Atkinson


This is our Red Letter Day.

For too long, we have worshipped at the feet of Types like Helvetica while spitting in the face of Types like Comic Sans. We have forgotten that each of us, from the very elegant to the very tawdry, have their respective roles to play on the aesthetic battlefield.
A Type divided unto itself cannot stand.
We have as many enemies as there are bored housewives with pirated copies of Illustrator. An overwhelming multitude of artistically challenged cretins so obsessed with using the right type wrong that they have forgotten to use the wrong type right.”

Typographic Revolt Magazine by Ryan Atkinson - wall posters
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