Watch: Sazon Booya’s “In Your Eyes” is the Last Moombahton Video of the Year

Okay so we’re not exactly certain that Sazon Booya‘s video premiere for “In Your Eyes” today is the very very last moombahton music video for 2011, but it’s the only one that matters to us!

This Summer we took our first listen to the new genre created by NYC’s Dave Nada and were introduced to Sazon Booya shortly after.

The duo, Mr. Vega and DJ SAV, provided some of the hottest ass shakin’ tunes we heard throughout 2011 — starting with their Midnight Moombah Sessions mixtape.

Sazon Booya spent the rest of 2011 touring 11 cities, topped Beatport‘s Top 10, dropped just enough free music to keep us thirsty and released their new Moonlight EP — available now on iTunes.

The video for “In Your Eyes” captures the insanity of their tour as the crowd literally craves the electro-Latin beats. Enjoy the video and check out Sazon Booya‘s 2012 show dates below.