The Weeknd – The Knowing music video

The Weeknd’s Amazing New Visuals for “The Knowing”

The Weekend creeps me out. It is, however, undeniable that listening to his deep-seeded pain provides some the most enchanting moments your ears may experience.

This is the case with “The Knowing,” off The Weeknd‘s House of Balloons mixtape, which now has a matching visual — the first official video of the artist’s career. Feel free to check out the the video below and give us your take on what’s happening but here’s what we see going on…

The Weeknd - The Knowing music video

The Weeknd’s new music video for “The Knowing”

Directed by Mikael Colombu, the abstract short-film opens with visuals from Ethiopia’s 1974 Revolution and the country’s ousted Emperor Haile Selassie.

The video then jumps to fictitious Planet Ethio X in the year 16311 where The Weeknd channels his broken heart caused by a cheating woman, played by model Geena Rocero.

As the Emperor, he orders three women killed (?) and the chaos causes Ethio X to literally divide in half, splitting men and women onto separate planets.

The two sexes go to war, with the women storming the male-populated, woman-hating planet and sucking The Weeknd‘s heart out of his body.

The hole left from the missing heart gets a temporary replacement (unknown object) and although his former lover does everything to try to destroy the heart, it only grows. He launches a massive revenge attack that crumbles her palace, gets his heart back and lets her die.


Watch The Weeknd’s “The Knowing” video

What do you think?

Again, there are few holes in our understanding of this video and we’ve watched it a few times in the past couple of hours.

The three dead women all look like the ex, why? The silhouette of two people having sex, is that him with another woman (maybe several women) or his ex?

Does he have sex with her and then shows her the pool of dead womens’ body parts? What is the connection to Haile Selassie?

It’d help to have a knowledgeable Ethiopian on our team right now. In any case, this video may be the most interesting and thought-provoking we’ve seen this year.


If you haven’t already, download the House of Balloons mixtape (right-click and save as).


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