Romeo Santos Madison Square Garden

Romeo Santos: Inside the Formula, Parts 1 & 2 [Full Episodes]

Romeo Santos at Madison Square Garden

Romeo Santos at Madison Square Garden with Aventura

Romeo “Anthony” Santos, Aventura‘s former lead vocalist, gave mun2 an exclusive view inside his humble beginnings in the Bronx, the founding of Aventura and the success he’s seeing as a solo artist.

Aiming to become a household name among non-Latinos without losing his core bachata fans, Romeo recently released his debut solo album Formula Vol. 1 (iTunes / Amazon).

The album’s groundbreaking hit single with R&B superstar Usher entitled “Promise” is helping Romeo not only crossover into the “mainstream,” but also bringing new listeners into his world as well. He insists that no matter genres he crosses into, he’s a bachetero.

This mun2 special gives us a chance to see young Romeo, the record success of Aventura, what led up to him going out on his own and Romeo as a father to his son Alex.

Building on his talents, we may be seeing Romeo on television soon as the star of a Will Smith-produced sitcom. The ABC show is about a Dominican family living in Washington Heights, New York. Enjoy watching his journey below.


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