J’DaVey New Designer Drug Release Date

J*DaVey’s ‘New Designer Drug’ Out Now!

J'DaVey 'New Designer Drug'


“This Los Angeles duo specializes in baby-making music for 22nd century robots.”

The wait is over for J*DaVeY‘s New Designer Drug EP. Consisting mostly of material meant to be released through Warner Bros, the album has been released through their imprint, ILLAV8R, for just $2.99 as a free component to their diary-like digital booklet, New Designer Drug: The Liner Notes.

The Liner Notes will feature lyrics, exclusive tour photos and the story behind NDD with foreword by LA Weekly‘s Rebecca Haithcoat.

“LA’s most funkdafied and fashionable fusionists”
LA Weekly

Following their enthralling live performance of “Queen of Wonderland” at Red Bull Studio in London for British alt-urban music blog PinBoard, J*DaVey has also released the album version featuring Thundercat.


Watch J*Davey perform ‘Queen of Wonderland’ live


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