From Our Readers: “Scammed by JobFox”

jobfox scam

It’s been almost a year since one of our most controversial articles was published concerning scammy practices by national job board/resume service,

We still get emails, tweets and comments from people who have had the misfortune of dealing with the company.

Although holding a glowing F rating from the Better Business Bureau, JobFox continues to operate with major employers and despite their alleged “strict scam policy,” the complaints have yet to cease.

We wanted to share some of the stories and comments people have shared with us across the web:


“I was scammed too by JobFox! Total scam! They sent me a bill in the mail a year after they supposedly critiqued my resume. Which was nothing but a template with very vague suggestions. They then sent the bill to Brown & Joseph ltd for collection and he put a collection account to all the credit bureaus. It has seriously affected my credit. They have a F rating by BBB and several other complaints. Stay far far away fr0om JobFox!!!!!! They are criminals.”


“jobfox is the number 1 job search scam site America”


“Jobfox is a scam for EMPLOYERS too!”


“This is something for Jobfox to be REALLY proud of:  an F rating by BBB.   That’s kinda hard to do given they aren’t BBB accredited.”


“Made the mistake of applying for a job through the JobFaux site and got all the follow-up emails/solicitations the article mentions. Had to unsubscribe 3 times in order to get them out of my inbox.

If you ever see a job alert from from this company, avoid it! Go check out Indeed or CareerBuilder where you’ll probably find the same entry and can apply through one of those legitimate sites without fear of being spammed to death.”


I got suckered too. Thanks Lanae.


 Wow!! Not a word about this on the evening news… Thanks Lanaé for putting the spotlight on these wolves! I hope this thread spreads big to shut them down!

What can you do if you have also been scammed by JobFox? Report them to BBB now.