Lady Problems by Alexandra Dal

Creative Quickie: Lady Problems by Alexandra Dal

Lady Problems by Alexandra Dal

Lady Problems by Alexandra Dal

Texas art student and budding illustrator Alexandra Dal channeled some frustrations into her latest work Lady Problems, which speaks not only to how annoying it is to be a girl but also how assholes love giving their unwarranted opinions.

The comic was created with mechanical pencil on vellum paper and colored in Photoshop CS5. And before you tell us how you don’t or rarely wear makeup and then contradict yourself by adding that you do wear lipgloss and eyeliner, Alexandra wants it to be clear that she does not care (nor does anyone else). She cites silly comments like this as typical offenders:

“I only use 100% organic, natural beeswax on my lips to protect from wind burn and chapping. I collect the wax from the bee colony on my farm and sell it on Etsy. I squeeze some ripe berries and rub the juice on my cheeks for a nice, natural-looking flush and I’m good to go! I don’t need makeup to feel good about myself! I have nothing to hide!”

Lol, funny chick. View more of Alexandra‘s work here and follow her on Tumblr and on Twitter at @alexandra_dal.

While the topic of makeup may seem trivial, Sundance Channel recently debuted an interesting series, LOVE/LUST that explores the origins of trends in beauty and fashion.

In episode 4 — Makeup, the documentary explores how Max Factor and Bobbi Brown shaped the makeup industry to provide women the ultimate form of self-expression.

Throughout history women have used makeup or the lack thereof to express their creativity and to conform to or protest social norms.

watch LOVE/LUST: Make-Up (Clip)

Catch the next screening on Friday, October 14 at 8:00 pm and again Sunday, November 6 ay 1:00 pm. Not so quick of a quickie huh? Sorry.