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SkinnyBuffMan T-Shirts – Because Skinny Men Need Love Too!

SkinnyBuffMan  t-shirt

SkinnyBuffMan t-shirt

Based in the Bay Area, SkinnyBuffMan is an up and coming lifestyle brand created as an alternative to the idea that only big muscular fellas can be seen as eye candy for us ladies.

Skinny guys know that genetically they can’t put on much mass but they can still workout and be in excellent shape with cuts and defined muscles. The clever main graphic is a simple stick-figure with just enough muscle and little fists.

The brand’s creator B. J. PRIME says SkinnyBuffMan symbolizes my healthy lifestyle. I just want the world to embrace and represent SkinnyBuffMan.”

T-shirts are priced at $20.00 and come in all sizes and 3 colorways: black on white, white on black, and red on black. The line will expand this Winter to include sweatshirts and hoodies.

Check out the t-shirts on some of the brand’s biggest fans below and place orders at SkinnyBuffman’s online shop.

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