Saloan Rochelle

Photographer, Loany G, Opens Up About Past Life With Spoken Word: “I Hate Stripping”

Saloan Rochelle aka Loany G

Photographer Saloan Rochelle aka Loany G

A few years ago, I was just making the decision to launch our Creative Feature section and it was partially because of a young female photographer from North Carolina named Saloan Rochelle Goodwin aka Loany G.

I had no idea what else was going on in her life, not that it was my business to, as our conversations were strictly about her work. All I really wanted was for more people to see what I saw, an amazing talent.

It wasn’t until this year that I caught Loany revealing some personal anguish over her past and how it affected her relationship with her father. Without prying too much, I got the point and left it alone.

Since that feature, she’s grown into a powerhouse creative in the photography industry but just a year ago, she was doing her best to make money any way that she could. College educated and unemployed, Loany began making her living as an exotic dancer — a road she is now thankful she no longer has to travel.

In a spoken word poem, she recounts hating being a stripper and speaks on the experience. Check out the video and some of her work below.

watch “I Hate Stripping” by Loany G

“Damn… it’s kinda crazy… what we put ourselves through.
Educated Black women who actually finish school…”

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