V-Nasty – N-Word

White Rappers & The N-Word: MGK Says “No,” White Girl Mob Says “Stop Hatin'”

When it comes to white rappers using the “n-word,” newbies disagree

White female rapper V-Nasty defends use of the N-Word

To N-Bomb or not to N-Bomb…

This is one of those moments where I find myself playing catch up because I tend to ignore stupid shit. That said, I was still remotely aware of the controversy surrounding Bay Area rapper Kreayshawn, her White Girl Mob and their use of the “n-word.”

In particular, WGM’s V-Nasty has released a statement defending her use of the term as well as her overall “hood” demeanor.

“Am I offending people? Am I saying it in a disrespectful way?” she says. “Don’t be tryna change up my vocabulary ’cause I’m on and I got out the hood.”

MGK explains why he doesn’t use the “N-Word”

Their White Rapper comrade, Ohio’s Machine Gun Kelly, feels a little differently about the usage of the word as expressed in a recent interview with XXL Magazine.

The brand new addition to Bad Boy Records feels the word is extremely disrespectful especially considering his daughter is black.

“The only ‘N-word’ I’m using is ‘ninjas…'” says MGK, “‘nipples’ perhaps is my favorite ‘N-word.'”

“Everybody wants to be a nigga until it’s time to be a nigga…”

It’s clear that V-Nasty is deeply convinced that the way she acts has been determined by where she grew up and if that’s the case, so be it.

As for whether white kids should be calling even themselves or anyone else “niggas…” Have at it!

Enjoy all of the perks of being a “nigga” such as the very convenient “third class citizenship” reward!

If white kids are willing to embrace being the lowest denominator, I feel almost obligated to laugh hysterically.

Watch: V-Nasty defends use of “N-Word”