HBO Latin Festival NYC – Maria My Love Film Premiere

Independent Film ‘Maria My Love’ Screening at HBO’s Latino Film Festival in NYC | Aug. 20

Karen Black and Judy Marte in 'Maria My Love'

On Saturday, August 20th, new independent film ‘Maria My Love’ will screen during HBO’s Latino Film Festival at Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 7 in NYC. Written and directed by Jasmine McGlade Chazelle, ‘Maria My Love’ is inspired by a true story and premiered at Tribeca Film Festival this Spring with fantastic reviews.

The story is centered around Ana — played by Judy Marte (Raising Victor Vargas) —  a young woman in Southern California, grappling with grief and resentment and struggling to deal with her mother’s death as well as her father’s mistakes. In an effort to feel better, she reconnects with her half-sister Grace (Lauren Fales) and — inspired to reimagine her life by a new boyfriend (Brian Rieger), sets out on a quest to find someone to help. She discovers her new project in a compulsive hoarder named Maria, played by Academy Award Nominee Karen Black. Ana eventually encounters a situation more emotionally and morally complicated than she have ever expected.

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I am drawn to the energy and drama that comes from blending non-fiction with fiction. What I’m most interested in is authenticity. With ‘Maria My Love,’ I set out to make a truthful and visceral film about a young woman torn apart by loss and put back together again by the people she meets during the course of one California spring. In the end, I hope to have achieved a vivid portrait of loss, and a naturalistic film about the unfolding of relationships and the way people affect one another.”

Jasmine McGlade Chazelle, director of ‘Maria My Love’


Saturday, August 20
5:30pm – 7:30pm


Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 7
260 W 23rd St (between 7th Ave & 8th Ave)
New York, NY


$12.00 – $13.00


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For more information about ‘Maria My Love,’ go to and the film’s Facebook page.