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Creative Pick of the Week: Jay-Z ‘Decoded’ Book Artwork by Rodrigo Corral

Get inspired by the ‘Decoded”s typography, photography and overall book design created by Rodrigo Corral Design.

Jay-Z Decoded Book Cover - Andy Warhol
Jay-Z ‘Decoded’ Book Design Rodrigo Corral Design, cover at by Andy Warhol

If you picked up Jay-Z‘s November 2010 hip-hop memoir ‘Decoded’, you may have noticed the amazing book design created by Rodrigo Corral Design.

For creatives, we are inspired by the type, the photography choices and the illustrations — drawn by Freelance Illustrator Matt Buck.

The book, covered by Andy Warhol‘s 1984 painting entitled “Rorschach,” is designed with impeccable visual imagery. Enjoy the gallery below.

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