Shakira Rabiosa video – pole dance

Egypt: The Only Country NOT Drooling Over Shakira’s “Rabiosa” Video

Sharkira’s Israeli School visit

Apparently there’s a new campaign to ban Shakira from entering Egypt and not because of her music racy videos, but because the singer and humanitarian made a recent visit to Israel.

This will prevent her from performing at her concert which is scheduled for November in Cairo and has already cost $2.5 million.

Shakira — who is Colombian and Lebanese — visited a bilingual school with both Israeli and Palestinian children (big no-no) and clearly forgot about the on-going conflict between Israel and Lebanon.

The group that created the campaign say their intention is not to attack Shakira specifically, but instead to strongly reject “normalization with Israel in any form or shape.”

Where does this madness end? Obviously, it doesn’t end even for the sake of children — for which Shakira is a major advocate.

In addition to being a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, she created The Barefoot Foundation, a non-profit devoted to ensuring that every child can exercise his or her basic right to a quality education.

“I’m convinced that investing in education is the best solution for global stability and peace,” Shakira said. “Education is the very substance of peace. I’m convinced of that.”

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Shakira Rabiosa video - pole dance

Shakira pole dances in “Rabiosa” video

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is in La-la land enjoying the double-dose of Shakira in her new “Rabiosa” video.

She introduces us to her her sexy brown-haired alter-ego as well as a flowing blonde on a stripper pole!

Who can’t appreciate that?

The video, which excludes an appearance from its feature Pitbull, was filmed in Barcelona, Spain by Jaume de Laiguan.“Rabiosa,” a hot reggaeton-merengue track, is the third single off her latest release Sale El Sol.

The Spanish version of the song features Dominican rapper El Cata.

Sale El Sol, which brings fans closer than ever to Shakira‘s Latin side, is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

watch Shakira’s “Rabiosa” video