Tumblr interface changes personal sidebar

Notice any changes to Tumblr’s interface?

Tumblr's new interface

Popular micro-blogging platform Tumblr has recently pushed out a new user interface. Most known for their ease of use, the service allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their a short-form blog.

While anyone can create a Tumblr blog, many well-known brands including IBM, The L.A. Times, French Connection, and NBC are using the service to further connect with audiences.

Tumblr's new interface - top menu

Avid Tumblr users might notice the new interface changes, as they can make a huge difference in how you experience the service.

For one, you’ll notice you still have a main Dashboard but a personal Dashboard now as well.

Additionally, the new top menu includes some icons that may take some getting used to including a button to create a new blog, a help button, a preferences button and logout button. This is area is not particularly strong and seems to be thrown together.

Tumblr's new interface - sidebar

The sidebar has changed slightly although there is no point in clicking “Following X People” since it brings you back to your Dashboard. Meanwhile “Add and remove” takes you to Tumblr‘s featured users where you’ll have to click another tab to manage your subscriptions. So far, the changes are just annoying but improve once we check out the new personal Dashboard.

Tumblr's new interface - personal timeline

For people that follow busier blogs, the main Dashboard can be an overload of posts.

Because of this, notifications of users that are replying to you and reblogging your posts get easily lost. Your new personal Dashboard includes your posts as well as notifications you may normally miss.

Tumblr's new interface - personal sidebar

The personal Dashboard includes a familiar sidebar and will be the only area that you’ll find the “Customize appearance” option. Overall, a lot of the changes that Tumblr needs have not been addressed with this new roll-out.

For one, we’d like to see an option to quiet frequent posters. Furthermore, this change probably won’t keep Tumblr from going down… which it does often.

However the site is fairly new and rapidly growing and it will be interesting to see what’s next in their design and development pipeline. Any thoughts on the changes?