Watch: Los Rakas Debuts New “Ta Lista (She Ready)” Video, Reveals Album News

As a tribute to Oakland’s Mexican-American community (ladies especially), Panamanian hip-hop/Reggaton duo Los Rakas recently premiered a new single titled Ta Lista (She Ready) along with a video for the track.

The single will appear on Los Rakas’ upcoming EP, Chancletas y Camisetas Bordadaon which is set to release on August 23rd.

Los Rakas premiere ‘Ta Lista’ on 106.1 KMEL, photo by by Nina Parks

Lately, Los Rakas has been receiving much deserved recognition with features on 106.1 KMEL for Chuy Gomez in the Mornings, Fadermun², and NPR. Their hit single, ‘Soy Raka’ was selected by NPR‘s All Songs Considered.

Host Robin Hilton even expressed that the track was his favorite out of the entire bunch, saying “People ask, how do you decide what you wanna put on the show?  We listen to stuff blindly and from all over, and I’m always looking for stuff that makes me stop doing what I’m doing, and ‘Soy Raka’ was one of those tracks.”

New Releases

MIXTAPE: ‘El Flow Californiano’ by Raka Rich

Raka Rich ‘El Flow Californiano Mixtape’

Although Raka Rich and Raka Dun make up Los Rakas, both artists record separately and have their eyes set on releasing solo albums while continuing to perform together.

On June 1st, Raka Rich released his solo project, El Flow Californiano: Mixtape Vol. 1. The mixtape features “Hip-Hop” — set to Alicia Keys“Unthinkable” and “Abrazame” ft Favi re-worked by San Francisco’s Yung Mars.

There’s also a very personal track titled, “Nunca Cambiaro,” which is a testimony to where Rico is now, how he got there, and a bold statement that he’ll never change.

The 5-song EP should hold you over until the August release of Los Rakas’ Chancletas y Camisetas Bordada EP. Download here.

Watch Los Rakas Raka Rich perform “Hip-Hop”

‘Chancletas y Camisetas Bordada’ by Los Rakas

Los Rakas ‘Chancletas y Camisetas Bordada’ EP, artwork by Alejandro Núñez Ferrara

Chancletas y Camisetas Bordada is named firstly for the ubiquitous flip flops which everybody wears. “Without them, your feet will be all tore up,” says Raka Rico. And secondly, for the camiseta bordada he wears — a white undershirt with the sleeve holes and neck hole embroidered with brightly colored yarn.