Don Omar – Taboo video

Watch: Don Omar’s “Taboo” Brings Brazil to ‘Fast Five’

Don Omar in ‘Taboo’ music video

If you’ve recently gone to see Fast Five in theaters, you probably heard Reggaeton artist Don Omar‘s “Taboo,” the third single from his compilation album Meet the Orphans.

The track, which is adapted from Kaoma‘s 1989 hit — Lambada,” is fused with a hot combination of tropical beats and techno-rhythms.

It is now #3 on the Billboard‘s Tropical Songs list giving the artist 2 songs in the top 10 with “Danza Kuduro” featuring Lucenzo sitting at #2.

Unlike Jennifer Lopez‘s new single, “On The Floor” featuring Pitbull — which also samples “Lambada” — Don Omar’s “Taboo” keeps relative latin authenticity.

The video, directed by Marlon Pena and produced by Noelia Cacavelli, was shot in both the Dominican Republic and Brazil and contains clips from the movie Fast Five. However, for whatever reason “Taboo” didn’t make it onto the official Fast Five Soundtrack.

Don Omar’s Universal website says, “the video has a strong storyline and recaptures the essence of the popular Brazilian version, which is heavily influenced by choreographed dance moves.”

As of May 2011, the music video, featuring Colombian model Lina Posado as Don Omar‘s love interest, has reached over 16 million views, check it out below.